Chien d'Or has added several new features to our website. Most importantly is the Golden Community. Here you can join and interact with other golden dog owners. You can share photos and videos of your dog, create and find dog events, and much more!
Chien d'Or has added the Golden Dog Blog! This will contain important news from Chien d'Or and Gabriels Ark Kennel. Information such as availability of puppies, "bad" dog foods to avoid, and up-to-date info on health. Feel free to ask any questions!!
For more information as to what Chien d'Or's web site can do, please visit the Site Tips!

Please contact us below if you are interested in a Chein d'Or puppy or if you have any other questions. Thanks!

Chien d'Or Goldens

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Telephone: 555 555 5555

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