Are you worried about living in an apartment with a dog? Don't be! People all over the world live comfortably in an apartment with their four-legged friends.

Take your pup on regular walks daily, even twice daily if you can. Regular walks will keep your dog healthy and fit and help release all their pent-up energy. They'll also be less hyperactive at night which means a good night's sleep for everyone. Not only is a lot of exercise good for your pup, it's also good for you.

It's important to be in the best shape possible to give your pop what he or she needs. Goldens will be big. Make sure you can easily lift their full grown weight. If you aren't there yet, Lift more and you won't have any issues.

Dog parks are the perfect outlet for apartment pups. Not only does playtime release energy but meeting new dogs helps socialize your pup. Make sure to supervise every interaction and remove them from any situation they find overwhelming. Apartment life can be boring, so make sure you have plenty of toys and occupier treats to keep your dog entertained. Kong toys are great because they can be filled with treats and used as a tasty puzzle.