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 After many years of breeding my lovely goldens, I have retired.  Feel free to contact me for puppy referrals as I can refer you to a good breeder.

Note: One of my past customers who has my dogs' bloodlines just had a litter of puppies and they will be ready July 6th, 2018. Any more info on this, please contact me at or call me at 248-752-7000 and I can pass on their info.

 The Kennel and property in Farmington Hills are now for sale. If interested, please contact me at above info.

 I have enjoyed the many people I have met and have become good friends with many of you.  After over twenty years, I look forward to less "work" but it was such fun work!  I hope to keep in touch with many of you.

 With much affection to all of you, Micki



Chien d'Or Golden Retrievers | Metro Detroit | Farmington Hills

Chien d'Or Goldens is located in Farmington Hills. Home to some of the best quality and temperament golden retrievers around.  During the past 15 years that we have enjoyed showing and breeding goldens, we have found many wonderful show as well as pet homes for our pups.

Our dogs tend to have good solid bone with blocky heads.  They range in color from a medium golden to ultra light.  You are able to meet both mom and dad and sometimes grandparents.  All of our breeding stock are cleared on hips, heart, eyes and elbows for breeding.  There is a guarantee on any hereditary problems that may come up, and the dogs must come back to us if for some reason you cannot keep the dog.  All homes must be cleared for the proper environment to have a puppy. All puppies come with a microchip, shot, vet check, dew claw removal and worming plus a guarantee.

If you're interested in researching our dogs' pedigrees, we encourage you to visit

We invite you to call or email us for further information at (248)626-2243. Thank you for your interest in Chien d'Or Goldens!

IMG 6687

You'll love your little puppy, she'll make your house a home,

She'll be your very best friend, you'll never feel alone.

She'll make you smile, She'll make you laugh,

She'll fill your heart with love . . . . . . .

Did she come from a breeder or fall from heaven above?

If you've never been a breeder or seen life through their eyes

as you hold your little puppy, please don't criticize.

You don't know of all the anguish and the times that bring such pain.

When we lose the battle with a little one, and the tears they flow like rain.

Sometimes we sit the whole night through waiting for babies to be born.

Oh the stress and trepidation, when their still not here by dawn.

Or, the panic of holding a tiny baby in our hands

who weighs but 60 grams.

Do I do this instead of that or that instead of this?

Alone we fight and hope we won't give him his last kiss.

We pray he'll live to bring some joy and make a house a home

We know it's up to us, and we fight this fight alone.

Formulas, bottles, heating pads, we have to get it right,

Two hour feedings for this tiny guy, throughout the day and night.

In our hearts we know we are probably going to lose this epic fight,

but we keep trying to save him because God willing, we just might.

Day one he's in there fighting; we say a silent prayer

Day two and three he's doing well, with lots of love and care

Day four and five . . . he's still alive, our hopes soar to Heaven

Day six he slips away again, he dies in our hands day seven.

We take this little angel and bury him alone:

With aching heart and burning tears and an exhausted groan

We ask ourselves "why do this? why suffer all this grief and pain?"

To help to live and grow up strong and see the joy your puppy brings . . .

So when you think of breeders and label them with " GREED".

If you have a happy and healthy puppy it's cause they filled his every need . . .

When you buy a puppy, and with your precious dollars part.

You pay only with your money . . . . . . .we pay with a piece of our heart.


Author Unknown

Duke Ivy11Weeks


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