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 After many years of breeding my lovely goldens, I have retired.  Feel free to contact me for puppy referrals as I can refer you to a good breeder.

Note: One of my past customers who has my dogs' bloodlines just had a litter of puppies and they will be ready July 6th, 2018. Any more info on this, please contact me at or call me at 248-752-7000 and I can pass on their info.

 The Kennel and property in Farmington Hills are now for sale. If interested, please contact me at above info.

 I have enjoyed the many people I have met and have become good friends with many of you.  After over twenty years, I look forward to less "work" but it was such fun work!  I hope to keep in touch with many of you.

 With much affection to all of you, Micki



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Chien dOr and Paige are now friends
2718 days ago
Chien dOr created a blog entry Older dog available...

I am retiring some of my girls from my breeding program...I am looking for really good homes for them for little, if any, charge...let me know if anyone is interested...thanks, Micki

2931 days ago
Chien dOr updated a blog entry Angelina and Ohno ha...

Ohno is my new stud dog....the puppies are adorable...I have one white male available and one normal colored female available still if anyone is interested....They are ready to go home October 30th.

2931 days ago
Chien dOr created a blog entry Angelina and Ohno ha...

Ohno is my new stud dog....the puppies are adorable...I have one white male available and one normal colored female available still if anyone is interested....

2931 days ago
Which one is cuter?? ...
2994 days ago
3050 days ago
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3073 days ago


Hello Mary,

I thought I would give you an update as to how Titan (red) is doing:

-He completed Kindergarten and took top honors in his class. He ran the agility course in 7.6 seconds, very fast.

-He is going into beginners obedience class (although he knows and follows all commands), then he is scheduled for Retrieving class, Scent Tracking Class and Good Canine Citizen Class

-He weighs almost 42lbs now, as you remember he was the runt of the litter, only weighed 6.4lbs when we got him. He loves to play, loves any human interaction at all.

-He been going to doggie day care a couple of times a week to gain more socialization, he loves it, he just knows when he is going and sits at the door and waits to leave. He has a best friend there named Ashbey, she is a Black Lab, they play together all day, sleep together and won’t leave each other’s side when they are at day care.
-He is teething right now, lost a few puppy teeth this week.

-He is definitely a lover, not an aggressive bone in his body. He has been to the Gym where we work out, the grocery store, pet store, my work, hospital and probably more I am forgetting about. We are making sure he gets use to as many different people, environments and sounds as possible. He thinks the snow blower is fun, but for some reason he was a little scared of the snow shovel, figure that one out.

I am very proud of him and happy, while Titan cannot replace our Retriever (Tarzan) we lost last year, he has filled our hearts with joy again. While it is always frustrating sometimes when dealing with puppies, you just have to remember that is what they are no matter how big they get for the first two years. I kind of wish we would have taken two, he is so smart, so confident and a joy to have in the house. He knows when you had a bad day and will come over and just put his head on your lap.

I hope everyone is experiencing what we are with their puppies, I will keep you updated.
Friday, 18 February 2011 15:50

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