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 After many years of breeding my lovely goldens, I have retired.  Feel free to contact me for puppy referrals as I can refer you to a good breeder.

Note: One of my past customers who has my dogs' bloodlines just had a litter of puppies and they will be ready July 6th, 2018. Any more info on this, please contact me at or call me at 248-752-7000 and I can pass on their info.

 The Kennel and property in Farmington Hills are now for sale. If interested, please contact me at above info.

 I have enjoyed the many people I have met and have become good friends with many of you.  After over twenty years, I look forward to less "work" but it was such fun work!  I hope to keep in touch with many of you.

 With much affection to all of you, Micki



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Welcome to my new "updated" website. I have created this for my future and past customers in order that they would be able to communicate with me and other people who have purchased my dogs. For some time I have wanted a way to communicate with everyone about things like "bad" dog foods, up-to-date info on health or anything that I feel you might like to know. Hopefully this will help and it will also offer you an opportunity to communicate with others who have purchased puppies from me. An example would be if you wanted to get all the puppies from the same litter together and have a reunion...or the same Bonnie who just turned 15 in November. I will be posting updates from time to time so please take time to read this. If you have any questions let me always, if you need to talk to me please email me directly at or call me at 248 626 2243.. Thanks! Micki

Oct 05

Older dog available

Posted by: Chien dOr

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Chien dOr

I am retiring some of my girls from my breeding program...I am looking for really good homes for them for little, if any, charge...let me know if anyone is interested...thanks, Micki

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Hello just wondering if you still had any adult females left. I had a golden and loved him very much . Looking for a adult dog . Even though I love puppies. I have a three year old son who's missing his bed buddy. I live in milford michigan . Please let me know if u have any left . And the amount your asking for your lovely dogs
malina , January 27, 2012
Just wondering if you have any adult females left, we have a nine year old golden who misses his pal a female labrador we lost last year. We are retired and would love another dog.
Karen S , February 01, 2012
Micki.............Older Goldens
Thanks for taking the time and talking with me on the phone this afternoon. As I mentioned I had to put down my(alomost 16 year old)Golden 2 weeks ago and before that back in Nov. we had to put my 12 year old Neffie down. A very rough time for us both.
I was hoping you might be able to send some pictures of the Goldens that might be up for sale as well as their age. I hope to coming down there on Friday or Saturday sometime to pickup a dog if possible.

My wife (Jocy)and I live in the Okemos area and it only takes about an hour to get there.
We would be honored to have one of your dogs as part of our family. She will be well taken care of and have a playmate with my Lab.

Thank You
Douglas Smith , February 01, 2012
We are looking for a good with children older golden to join our family. We have had 5 goldens since our first in 1996. My son still has Duncan and we have Lexi, who is 2. We live on 5 acres in Flat Rock. Duncan is a rescued golden and we loved having an older friend join us. We will wait for however long it takes for a golden to become available. Please keep us in mind. Thank you so much
Julie kittle , February 05, 2012

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