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For those of you who are concerned about the Kirland dog food...any of it...I called Costco and they had a memo that said their food is NOT made at the plant that is affected by the recall...the plant is in South Carolina and it is the one who makes many dog foods.  The best is to google about the recall and see what happens on a daily basis..but Costco assured me that their dog food is made at a different plant...BUT ONLY THE COSTCO IN MICHIGAN.....so if you are in another state, you should call your Costco.  Hope this helps...Micki
899 days ago
Wow, what a life...couldn't ask for more...do you have a clone?? Micki ...
899 days ago
Still have some puppies ready now...another litter of white/cream ready in mid May...possibly some ready to go home in mid July.  Email me at gabrielsark@aol.com for more information  Thanks!
914 days ago
916 days ago

We have LOTs of puppies ready to go home right now...very cute...!!! both males and females


come and visit us and choose your puppy!!!

955 days ago

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For those of you who are concerned about the Kirla .....
Still have some puppies ready now...another litter .....
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