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After many years of breeding my lovely goldens, I am going to be semi-retiring.  I may only breed a couple of litters a year if that.  I have some lovely, well-trained dogs that are up for adoption.  They range from 5 years on down to a litter of puppies that are available now.  I will charge a fee according to their age to insure they get a good home...

I have enjoyed the many people I have met and have become good friends with many of you.  After over twenty years, I look forward to less "work" but it was such fun work!!  I hope to keep in touch with many of you!  

With much affection to all of you, Micki or call me at 248 626 2243


Maeve O'Malley

Maeve O'Malley: Fast as a Speeding Bullet!
Deputy K-9 Maeve
TEEX: Finding the Live Victim in the Disaster Site
GCSO K-9 Unit: Maeve, Jake, and Patrick
Me and My Mom!
Maeve Finding "Live" victim 12 feet buried Disaster
Cute Huh? Don't be fooled...I'm a National Disaster Specialist!!
Waiting my turn (in jail) to work
Still a little baby Maeve
Patrick, Jake, Moja, and little Maeve
Getting Taller!!
Tuckered out after working
Maybe I need a bigger bed!!!
TEEX Maeve working the Rubble Pile
TEEX Disaster City Working Seminar (Kathy&Maeve)
TEEXRubble Pile: Finding the buried "live" victim buried in rubble
TEEX Maeve learning to climb the AgilityLadder
TEEX Pallet Pile in Texas Disaster City (Kathy&Maeve)
Patrick, Jake, Bridget, and Maeve Dec. 2011
Baby Bridget (1 year old) Nickname "BB"
Fall, 2011 Happy Dogs

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