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We brought our beautiful Bella home in 1999. She was 9 weeks old. Bella's birthday was Dec. 21, 1998. She was the absolute best Bella we had ever had! She obeyed. We took Miki's advice on training and feeding to heart. When we brought our daughters home, she never hurt them. Both of my daughters would take naps on Bella. Bella would lay peacefully with them until they woke up. At night she would walk to their bedroom doors to check on them before going to bed herself.

We were devastated as a family when we had to let her go on November 5, 2013. She was only a few weeks from being 15 years old. I have never cried so much. Bella was our first baby. I do believe we will see her in Heaven when we get there.

Love you Bella forever and ever.
Sunday, 15 June 2014 18:45

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